Your hosts

As the youngest family member, Thomas is our “jack of all trades”. His main responsibilities include bookkeeping and working in our cellar and vineyard, but he also helps out wherever there is a need.

Christine is our walking encyclopaedia for all that concerns the South Tyrolean mountains. She has explored our beautiful land high and low – on foot, by bike and even on skis – and she knows it like the back of her hand. If you need advice about hiking and cycling tours, she’s your woman.

Anna is the angel in our house. Everyone loves her for her warm-hearted nature, and she contributes something special to the atmosphere here at Stroblhof. No matter how busy the hotel’s daily routine can be, we always try to be there for our guests whenever they need us, and Anna is particularly gifted at this.

The decorations so often praised by our guests are courtesy of Rosi. Whatever the season, she always knows how to make tasteful home accessories out of virtually anything. From flowers to chestnuts, there’s nothing Rosi’s green thumb can’t turn into a work of beauty.

Every successful business needs someone pulling the strings in the background. As the managing director, Andreas is that person at Stroblhof. Together with his son Thomas, he is also in charge of new investments, wine production, and sales.