Regeneration for body and mind.

Athletes also get their money’s worth – in our 18-metre-long indoor pool or on our tennis court. Wellness fans, on the other hand, swear by our whirlpool benches and the massage stations, before they have themselves spoilt with a beauty treatment, massage or wellness application in our South Tyrolean spa. And those who prefer to get out in the fresh air will absolutely love our sunbathing lawn around the shimmering natural pool with a view of the South Tyrolean landscape.

1 Full-body peeling 
1 Back massage
60 Minuten 61,00 €
Beauty Day
1 Full-body peeling 
1 Body wrap 
1 Full-body massage 
120 Minuten 118,00 €
1 Facial treatment
1 Energetic foot massage 
90 min.94,00 €


A fresh complexion in an instant! Precious, gently extracted active ingredients from our domestic grapes and vines protect your skin and give it a natural glow. Finely ground grape seeds and walnut shells gently exfoliate the skin. The moisturising face mask revitalizes and makes your skin look fresh and youthful.
This treatment includes a deep cleansing, gladly you can book additional an eyebrow correction. 10 minutes – 12,00 €
50 min. 69,00 €

Vinoble Vino Deluxe

Anti-aging has never felt so luxurious! Pamper yourself with this intensive treatment that features an enzymatic exfoliating scrub, an eye treatment and a massage. Our exclusive ampoules contain a blend of active ingredients specifically selected to suit your skin type. Fine lines are smoothed out and skin feels toned and tightened. Choose between a warm contour-enhancing mask or a cooling polyphenol peel-off mask and feel how your skin becomes noticeably more radiant and toned.
This treatment includes a deep cleansing and an eyebrow correction
80 Minuten 129,00 €
Facial massage with regenerating face mask. Take a break from stressful everyday life and feel relaxed. Vinoble Refresh pampers you with a deeply relaxing facial massage and an intensively nourishing mask. Active ingredients from the vine make your skin look fresh and rejuvenated. 
Additional you can gladly book an eyebrow correction. 10 minutes – 12,00 €
25 Min. 46,00 €

Teenie Face (up to 16 years)

Cleansing, peeling, mask, eyebrow sculpting
40 Min.40,00 €


Colouring of the lashes and eyebrows30 Min. 22,00 €
Colouring eyebrows15 Min. 12,00 €
Regulation of the eyebrows15 Min. 12,00 €

Hands & Feet


Vinoble Spa pedicure
This luxurious pedicure begins with an invigorating foot bath. A revitalizing salt grape seed peeling removes dead skin cells. Includes foot and nail care. The pedicure is rounded off by a foot massage. 
60 Min.55,00 €

Vinoble Spa Manicure

The VINOBLE spa manicure starts off with a scrub and a nail bath. After thorough nail care, nail polish is applied. The manicure is rounded off by hand massage.
60 Min.52,00 €
Pedicure with permanent nail polish
70 Min. 65,00 €
Upper lip10 Min.10,00 €
Half leg30 Min.30,00 €
Whole leg40 Min.45,00 €
Bikini line30 Min.30,00 €
Back30 Min.30,00 €
Underarms15 Min.20,00 €


Vinoble Balance Massage
Fill up with energy and recharge your batteries with this unique combination of massage and body treatment. Feel rested and relaxed. Our treatment experts use small warm bags filled with grape seeds to spread the grape seed oil along the meridians to positively stimulate the body’s energy paths.
60 Min.79,00 €
Vinoble cleansing
Salt grape seed full body scrub
For silky, soft, and smooth skin! Enjoy a purifying scrub made of grape seeds, salt and moisturising grape seed oil. After the scrub, your skin instantly feels clean and smooth and has absorbed the deeply penetrating unsaturated fatty acids of the cold-pressed grape seed oil.
30 Min.39,00 €
Vinoble kerning Massage & Peeling
A revitalizing full body massage is followed by a salt and grape seed scrub. The scrub removes dead skin cells and supplies the skin with nourishing cold-pressed grape seed oil – for a feeling of pure harmony in your entire body.
Full body massage 70 Min. 93,00 €
Partial body massage50 Min. 64,00 €
Classic full body massage
Tense muscle groups are relaxed, circulation is stimulated and pains are soothed.
Full body massage 50 Min. 65,00 €
Full body massage with grape seed oil50 Min. 68,00 €
Partial massage
The shoulders and neck or back as well as legs are specifically massaged.
Partial massage 25 Min. 35,00 €
Partial massage with grape seed oil25 Min. 38,00 €
Hot Stone Massage
Massage with warm volcanic stones. By means of stroking with the stones, tensions at physical and mental level are eradicated. Pure relaxation in the truest sense of the word!
50 Min. 68,00 €
Sports massage
This massage combining stretching and elbow and cupping technique loosens the muscles and relieves tension.
50 Min.68,00 €
Back massage with energising foot massage.
50 Min.
65,00 €

We‘ve got your back

Tension in the head and neck area is eased
50 Min.65,00 €
Energetic foot massage
Selective pressure massage of the soles of the feet for vitalisation and relaxation. Ideal for tired, heavy legs.
40 Min.40,00 € 

Back massage for Kids (up to 16 years)

Gentle treatment with sedative effect.
20 Min.30,00 €
Wellness Broschure 2021

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The South Tyrolean lightness of being.

Holidays are there for relaxation. And where better to let go of your thoughts than in one of our saunas? The Stroblbad, our wellness area, invites one to let one’s cares drift away. Pure relaxation is offered by, for example, an extended visit to the Turkish bath, the herbal steam in the organic sauna or a deeply warming session in the infrared cabin.

Our wellness therapies

Feel free to book your desired treatment directly at the reception. Book the appointment you want today by simply calling us on +39 0471 662 250 or send an e-mail to hotel@

Opening Times

Monday – Friday from 3 – 7 pm
Saturday from 2 – 8 pm
Pool daily from 7 am – 8 pm
Sauna daily from 4 pm, please check the sauna board

Take time for yourself

So that we can prepare for your treatment on a fully individual basis and you can enjoy your full treatment time, we ask you to arrive at the Stroblbad approximately 10 minutes before your treatment begins.
We will meet you at the suite, right in front of the bar, on time for your treatment appointment. Out of respect for the guests after you, please understand that if you are late this time will be deducted from your treatment time.


If you wish to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours before your treatment is due to begin. In the case of a later cancellation, unfortunately we must charge you the full price.

Pool and sauna area

Please wear swimming clothes in the pool area. For reasons of hygiene, we ask you not to wear clothes in the sauna area. The quiet rooms are places for quiet. Please be considerate of this.


Please come to your treatment in a bathrobe or light clothing. You have the opportunity to change in the changing room of the wellness area. In order to protect your privacy, we offer you disposable briefs for each treatment and work with various covering techniques.


In the room you will find a swim bag with towels for the pool/sauna and bathing pond. Please bring the towels back so that we can replace them. The towels are changed daily.